How we collect information about you

We want to make sure you only receive the communications that are relevant to you, and that could be through visiting our website or receiving emails, post or phone calls from us. We want to make sure you receive the best attention when you book an appointment, make a payment for your therapy or book a room through us.

We collect information from you in the following ways:

When you communicate with us directly: This could be if you ask us about the types of therapy offered, register with us for making an appointment, make a payment to us, ask a question about mental health, apply for a job, rent a room, or otherwise provide us with your personal information. This will include when you phone us, visit our website, or get in touch via email or post, or in person. It will also include self-referring to practice via our website. We use client management software for collecting and recording your data. Their privacy policy can be viewed here :

This will also include when you interact with us through third parties: This could be if you are referred to us through a third party, like your health insurer, GP, psychiatrist or university.

When you visit our website: We gather general information which might include your name, address, DoB, telephone number and email address.

We also use "cookies" to help our site run effectively. There are more details below – see 'Cookies'.

We use this information to personalise the way our website is presented when you visit to make improvements and to ensure we provide the best service and experience for you. Wherever possible we use anonymous information which does not identify individual visitors to our website.

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